Win and Turn Back Trump

Win and Turn Back Trump

This election we reject the status quo & organize under strategic necessity to create the conditions that drive change from the ground up.

By Cris Batista | May 25, 2023

Springtime Blooms: From Texas, Arizona, Illinois to Pennsylvania

Across the country Mijente is working to organize local campaigns that improve people’s lives, exploring new cities and states where Latinxs are building power, and working to shift the way our communities relate to their governments — sin, contra, y desde el estado (without, against, or within the State). 

Over the past year and a half, our work in cities like Chicago, IL; Philadelphia, PA; Tucson, AZ; and 2 cities in Texas – Fort Worth and San Antonio have resulted in important learnings and victories for our communities. Check them out below!

Chicago, IL

As of this Monday, Chicago has a brand new Mayor and City Council! Brandon Johnson was officially sworn into office along with the youngest, most progressive, most Latinx City Council in the history of the city.

Mijente PAC ran the largest campaign to mobilize Latinx voters during the Runoff election in support of Brandon Johnson. In partnership with ICIRR Action, we reached hundreds of thousands of voters at the doors and on the phones, and played a key role in increasing voter turnout. And now, Mijente members and staff are part of the administration’s transition committees, serving as a key component of the development of the Mayor’s agenda. 

During the General election we played a key role in securing wins for Alderwoman Julia Ramirez and Alderperson Jessie Fuentes, both longtime community organizers in their wards, and will be working with them to support their efforts in creating government offices that represent the needs of our communities. Shout out also to two Mijente fellows from our 2022 Fellowship for Local Elected Officials: Alderman Carlos Ramirez-Rosa just became the new floor leader and head of the zoning committee and Alderwoman Rossana Rodriguez whose ‘Treatment not Trauma’ framework has become a cornerstone of the new administration’s approach to increasing community safety and reducing police violence.

Philadelphia, PA

Philly has always been a key city for our efforts, for reasons like the growth of the Latinx community, the fight for immigrant rights, and recently, its electoral importance. This year we have focused our efforts on the densely Latinx-populated areas of North Philly, through electoral and sin el estado actions. We know that our movements have a better shot at success when they are powered by everyday people and community leaders from the poor and working class.

Throughout this year and during the 2023 City elections, we invested in the Philly organizing infrastructure by recruiting and training current local leaders and new organizers. We hosted multiple organizing trainings, along with mobilization efforts for local candidates, that brought out close to 100 people engaging with our programs. By tackling key issues, like public safety, disinvestment of schools, gentrification, drug addiction, and the lack of good-paying job opportunities, we are encouraging and supporting community members as they demand change and fight for a better future. 

Mijente PAC also ran the only independent campaign in support of Erika Almirón, a long-time Mijente member who was running to be the first at-large Latina member of City Council. Although she did not get the number of votes needed, her campaign and our efforts brought attention to the needs of Latinxs in Philadelphia and the importance in working long-term with our communities.

Tucson, AZ

We’re celebrating a victory of the people and the Transit for All Coalition campaign! Last week’s announcement that Tucson Mayor and City Council voted unanimously for an open-ended extension to the Fare Free Transit policy that has been running since 2020 and was pushed by City Council and Mijente Member Lane Santa Cruz. This will benefit everyone who depends on public transportation and it furthers the city in staking its claim in aggressively addressing climate change.

As the City Manager considers long term funding options and identifies service improvement areas, we will continue to push to make this policy permanent and further accessible for all Tucson residents, many who signed our petition and turned out to speak in front of the Council. This is a win of the people, for basic human dignity and building a future where everyone has access to safe, reliable, and accessible transportation options. 

Fort Worth, TX

We have long shared about the importance of organizing in Texas, and holding the line against right wing extremists. Because of the heaviness that follows so many of the recent tragedies and oppressive laws, we developed opportunities to encourage local communities to find their power and joy. That’s why we held an event to celebrate el Día de la Niñez, giving families the opportunity to connect with one another through games, art, food, music, and good conversation. 

Throughout the event, we talked to parents about issues they are facing in their community. Most importantly, we had participants share with us the futures they imagine for themselves and their children through an interactive art piece. After that, we hosted a meeting to start organizing folks around the issues that are important to them. With these efforts, we are inviting our gente to imagine futures where we can thrive and fight back against the hopelessness that politicians aim to create in our communities.  

San Antonio, TX 

In San Antonio, we joined in local efforts to fight for better futures for our communities, around reproductive healthcare, community safety, decriminalization and more. We joined the San Antonio Justice Charter Coalition to talk to neighbors about Proposition A (Prop A), a community-written ballot measure up for a vote earlier this month. Even though we were up against millions of dollars spent on misinformation (primarily by police unions), we had heartfelt conversations at the doors with community members, with many showing interest in supporting the measure.

Despite not being able to pass Prop A, the fact that it was on the ballot was historic. Over 37,000 San Antonians supported Prop A, a direct reflection on what our community envisions for changes to public safety and protections to healthcare workers. We will continue organizing to support progressive community efforts and show everyone that power belongs in the hands of the people, not just the wealthy.

Whether you joined us on the ground or amplified our efforts online, we couldn’t have done it without you. As we move forward, we will continue to build independent political power, advocate for our communities, and drive transformative change. Gracias for everything

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