A political home promises the idea of a warm place to come in from the cold, a place where we can sit easy and leave anew, ready to keep striving for something better, for all of us.

Marisa Franco Mijente co-founder

Our Work

Organizing has taught us that no one is coming to save us.
We transform ourselves in order to save ourselves, and each other.

We see a need to move as quickly as life moves today. We need organizations that are built to be nimble and flexible, that adapt and experiment more than they predict and forecast. Because of that, we are calling Mijente a hybrid form, a hub, a bee hive, part digital and part bread and butter ground game organizing. We seek to engage people at different levels, from online to the streets, in partnership and through collaboration.

We believe our best bet at winning is through organizing at the grassroots level, in electoral fights, through direct action and digitally. We’ve witnessed magical connections when we come together, so we’ll always keep a foot on the ground through our events, local circles and crews, and valued partner organizations. But we don’t believe location is a restriction, so we’ve expanded our roots to the streets of the internet.

We’re first responders any time there’s an attack towards one or many of our people. We work tirelessly to reduce harm done while staying alert for trends and opportunities to throw a wrench into the machine (targeting systematic oppression by turning on the light on bad políticos or corporates).

We believe our people can’t afford 4 more years of despair, fear and growing systematic criminalization. Our plan of attack is to win at the ballot box by mobilizing Latinx voters against Trump. They say hierba mala nunca muere, so let’s boot the hierba mala out of office.

When we say political home, what we mean by that is a space for connection, for respite, where we can sharpen our strategy and co-conspire in our own community and in community with others.

Our Mijente Team Leadership Team
Marisa Franco Executive Director
Tania Unzueta Carrasco Political Director
Rodrigo Paredes Managing Director
Communications Team
Enrique Cárdenas Sifre Communications Director
Cris Batista Deputy Comms Director
Alana Bigio Alcoba Content Creator
Caro Mendez Digital Organizer
Mayra Hernandez Digital Content Creator
Organizing Team
Jacinta González Public Policy Director
Carlos Garcia Capacity Building Director
Mayra Lopez-Zuniga Political Strategist
Jorge Gutierrez Director of Membership
Cinthya Rodriguez Organizer
Vanessa Martinez Organizer
Ash Torres Carrasquillo Political Education Coordinator
Operations Team
Marisol Valles Finance and Operations Director
Isais Vasquez Martinez Operations & HR Manager
Maricarmen Rodriguez Operations Manager
Nancy Palacios Finance Manager
Carlos Guzman Gonzalez Development Project Manager