When President Obama announced the expansion of deferred action in November of 2014, he was responding to rising pressure demanding relief for all undocumented people.  In granting it to a fraction of those, many of the people who fought the hardest were still left out. Families’ eligibility was split in half. Others continued targeted by the deportation machine.
Expanding deferred action is both constitutional and urgent. It should be affirmed by the Supreme Court without delay. But regardless of their decision, at least 7 million people will still be fighting for their rights and recognition.
This site introduces you to some of them.


Photos taken by 1Love Movement, CLEAN Carwash, Congreso de Jornaleros, FAMILIA TQLM, Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights, Juntos, Northwest Resistance, Organized Communities Against Deportation, Puente Arizona, Undocumented and Black.